Welcome to our home! CARR Medical Group was founded on the principle of identifying the physiological changes associated with aging and disease in order to restore the body to its optimal level of functioning at any age. With more than 20 successful years of studying and treating the aging process with bioidentical hormones, pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals and vitamins, and relying on his extensive experience as Chairman of Emergency Services as Cleveland Clinic Florida as well as Internal Medicine training at Cornell-Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital, Dr. Carr is the choice of patients for many, both in the U.S. and abroad.

The aging process can be difficult to say the least, and Dr. Carr feels strongly that you should not embark on this journey alone. It is well known that aging is the most important risk factor for many of our diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc... and many of our conditions such as weak muscles, loss of libido, mood changes, and many more. Unfortunately, doctors have little to no training in how to deal with the aging process, which is why so many of the aged are over medicated and frail. At CARR Medical Group, our approach is to identify changes in your physiology compared to where you were in your 20's and optimize your health by giving back your body what it needs.  With close monitoring by Dr. Carr and his team, and an individualized approach to treatment, the benefits of our approach is to improve your health and allow your body to grow at any age, rather than the traditional method of waiting for symptoms and treating diseases as they develop.

Live your life to the fullest at any age. The human body has an incredible ability to repair and regrow, but only if it is given what it needs. Aging takes away much of what our bodies need to enjoy health aging.  At Carr Medical Group, we give it back.

So, come aboard and let us guide you on this most important journey to healthy aging. Live your life with no regrets,  and make each and every day the best it can be at any age.